Due Diligence

Execution and control of due diligence

  • We anticipate true company value

To objectively evaluate the presented company data and forecasts in the framework of a due diligence process, we of course take past data and subject it to an especially critical analysis. But the data only attain sustained value when the knowledge obtained is extrapolated into the future. For this perspectivistic type of "reading", which represents the true potential of a company, we utilize an extensive palette of tools, with which we can take the interests of our customer into account very well.
This approach lets us filter out the relevant data and to interpret them in light of the developing market and competitive environment. This relates especially to core competencies and technologies, revenue situation and cost situation. Not only is it possible to identify synergistic potentials here. It is also possible for us to reveal any hidden values that have not yet entered into the sales price - an asset for our customers.

  • Excellent company marketing and generation of growth capital

These competencies, in turn, give the customer the assurance that its company will be marketed excellently by CONDIS too, due diligence and the business plan will intermesh perfectly, and provisions will be made for different negotiating scenarios. Last but not least, this is because we are very experienced in handling audits of interested investors. These preconditions yield clear advantages when it comes to generating growth capital.