Negotiation phase

  • Comprehensive preparations reinforce the negotiating position of
    our customers

The decisive phase. Now this area is where the intensive preparations, the trusting working relationship with the customer, and CONDIS' many years of experience pay off. All aspects - such as analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the transaction partner, tax-related, legal and strategic analyses all flow into a disciplined approach that we coordinate closely with our clients.

  • Negotiating skill, visionary strategy and alternative scenarios offer optimal results

To further reinforce our customer's position in negotiations, we develop alternative courses of action in advance to enable appropriate strategy adjustments in various negotiating situations.
This anticipatory approach - together with precisely interwoven presentation and negotiating skills and the experience of our partners - strengthens our customers' positions substantially. This gives us control of each phase, and this lets us drive negotiations in the interest of our customer - with optimal results.