Realizing Results

Implementing and safeguarding results

  • CONDIS supports customers in asserting their rights

Once a successful conclusion has been attained, a very crucial initial step has been taken. Now it is important to follow through on our customers' rights arising from the results of negotiations, and to realize values as quickly and efficiently as possible. Based on our specialized experience, CONDIS can support its customers in obtaining what is due to them.

  • Effective and prompt implementation of value enhancing actions after the purchase

n the case of an acquisition, it makes sense to immediately perform a precise analysis of ways to increase efficiency, e.g. in purchasing, production and administration. That is where the most potential generally lies. Similarly, potential may exist in sales, the range of products offered and development. However, areas in which sustained, long-term improvements may be expected will require somewhat more time.

  • Protecting value after the sale

In the case of a sale, a key task is to collect the contractually agreed payment. Now and then complications may occur. This includes cases where the contract documentation is complex and services in return are involved. In such situations we stand by our customers particularly closely, and we intensively assist you in enforcing your rights and safeguarding the results of negotiations.

  • We support our customers in their growth

We at CONDIS provide further support when what is required is effective utilization of the acquired growth capital. Our activities here range from strategic consultation to controlling and reporting and assumption of controlling functions in operative management and the generation of additional capital.