Development of a suitable strategy

  • Focusing is our business - the confidential discussion is one of our instruments

Transactions are not everyday business events. Before such resolutions can be drafted and a strategy developed, goals must be stated precisely, visions formulated, opinions weighed and critical concerns evaluated. This is done most effectively in confidential discussions with our customers, in which the many aspects of the company's experiences and wishes are coordinated with and supplemented by our extensive expertise. Out of this there grows a profound understanding of the situation and needs of our client - providing the necessary foundation for a detailed search for an appropriate transaction partner.

  • We ask questions relevant to obtaining a clear result

Many parameters flow into the development of a successful strategy. To name just a few:

The market that must be evaluated with suitable instruments
Possible realignment of a business in changing market and competitive environments
The purchase price of course
Any necessary agreements pertaining to succession conditions in leadership positions

Therefore, an entire catalog of constructive questions must be generated before a company is acquired, for example. Or sold. And since the strategy is only as good as these questions asked in advance of a transaction - we ask a lot of them.

  • Meaningful and effective business plan

We are very familiar with the profiles of investors from our many projects. This significantly improves the efficiency of business plans that we create for generating growth capital.

  • Sales documentation with absolutely convincing arguments

Just as effective is our detailed sales documentation, which satisfies the informational needs of potential investors - and clearly outlines future opportunities.