The search for a suitable partner

  • We act with appropriate discretion

It is both obvious and absolutely necessary that potential transaction partners be addressed with appropriate discretion. Initially, we do this anonymously and gradually share other facts based on the feedback we receive. This ensures that the company is only given more information if its interest is very high and verifiable; this furthers advancement of the process.

  • CONDIS finds the transaction partner with the greatest value-added potential

At the beginning, CONDIS works out strategic considerations with the customer. Based on these considerations, we compile a list of potential, qualified transaction partners who are candidates based on their profile and potential, as well as their size. Usually, in this stage certain favorites emerge from the search process. The next task is to sound out their interest, personally and as a business. Together with the facts analysis, an extremely detailed picture emerges of the transaction potential. A picture that also yields conclusions about potential synergy effects and integration costs and provides information that we can introduce advantageously in negotiations.

  • Sound company valuation

Another important action at this stage is the financial valuation of the company, which we conduct in close cooperation with taxation advisors and business auditors of our customers. We work to determine the figures by methods based on financial theory that take the entire time axis into account. Data from the past are just as much an input as future assessment potential that is expressed in the business plan.