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CONDIS is a very experienced team of corporate advisors and former management from various business sectors. It specializes in corporate transactions, capital acquisition, and strategic consulting. Besides seriousness and creativity, it offers a high level of transaction security as well.

Our customers are mid-size companies, enterprises, corporations and financial investors, on whose behalf we assume an advisory role. We are guided solely by your interests.

Maximum discretion is guaranteed during and after the transaction. Just as important is maintaining confidentiality about results and avoiding conflicts of interest.


Sustained, goal-oriented solutions

We take all possible solutions, and from them we implement the optimal model. They might involve majority or minority shares, transactions without capital investment, mergers, joint ventures, strategic alliances, public stock transactions, management buy-outs, restructuring and many other possibilities.

Individual strategies for optimal results

To define the optimal path, we draft different strategies until we have found the best transaction model. Besides clarification of financing, this also involves a possible search for potential transaction partners, due diligence, negotiations, sale or purchase, as well as implementing results and safeguarding them, even after the transaction has been completed. To the degree desired by our client, we can assume responsibility for the entire process chain, or just selected areas, and we can call upon other consultants such as attorneys at law, business auditors or tax advisors. We always follow the principle that we want to create added value for our customers at every step. This assurance and our exceptional expertise let us offer our customers the option of sharing opportunities and risks of the transaction by customized and success-oriented compensation.

High level of commitment and a close relationship of trust in working with our customers

We negotiate in confidence for and on behalf of our customers. Our activities are not limited to acting as an intermediary. We act responsibly and make each phase of the transaction transparent to our customers – from preparations to assurance of success after completion. Another aspect of a working relationship based on trust is that we coordinate each step with our customers. This approach also applies to complicated and complex situations that require particularly intensive support and handling. In such situations, we stand by our customer’s side with a high level of commitment and creative solutions.

Capital acquisition without conflict of interest

Since we do not offer financing ourselves, our customers can be assured that we are acting independently and free of conflict of interest and will attempt to find the best instruments offered on the market for them.

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