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    • Focusing is our business – the confidential discussion is one of our instruments
      Transactions are not everyday business events. Before such resolutions can be drafted and a strategy developed, goals must be stated precisely, visions formulated, opinions weighed and critical concerns evaluated. This is done most effectively in confidential discussions with our customers, in which the many aspects of the company’s experiences and wishes are coordinated with and supplemented by our extensive expertise. Out of this there grows a profound understanding of the situation and needs of our client – providing the necessary foundation for a detailed search for an appropriate transaction partner.
    • We ask questions relevant to obtaining a clear result
      Many parameters flow into the development of a successful strategy. To name just a few:

      • The market that must be evaluated with suitable instruments
      • Possible realignment of a business in changing market and competitive environments
      • The purchase price of course
      • Any necessary agreements pertaining to succession conditions in leadership positions

      Therefore, an entire catalog of constructive questions must be generated before a company is acquired, for example. Or sold. And since the strategy is only as good as these questions asked in advance of a transaction – we ask a lot of them.

    • Meaningful and effective business plan
      We are very familiar with the profiles of investors from our many projects. This significantly improves the efficiency of business plans that we create for generating growth capital.
    • Sales documentation with absolutely convincing arguments
      Just as effective is our detailed sales documentation, which satisfies the informational needs of potential investors – and clearly outlines future opportunities.

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    • We act with appropriate discretion
      It is both obvious and absolutely necessary that potential transaction partners be addressed with appropriate discretion. Initially, we do this anonymously and gradually share other facts based on the feedback we receive. This ensures that the company is only given more information if its interest is very high and verifiable; this furthers advancement of the process.
    • CONDIS finds the transaction partner with the greatest value-added potential
      At the beginning, CONDIS works out strategic considerations with the customer. Based on these considerations, we compile a list of potential, qualified transaction partners who are candidates based on their profile and potential, as well as their size. Usually, in this stage certain favorites emerge from the search process. The next task is to sound out their interest, personally and as a business. Together with the facts analysis, an extremely detailed picture emerges of the transaction potential. A picture that also yields conclusions about potential synergy effects and integration costs and provides information that we can introduce advantageously in negotiations.
    • Sound company valuation
      Another important action at this stage is the financial valuation of the company, which we conduct in close cooperation with taxation advisors and business auditors of our customers. We work to determine the figures by methods based on financial theory that take the entire time axis into account. Data from the past are just as much an input as future assessment potential that is expressed in the business plan.

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    • We anticipate true company value
      To objectively evaluate the presented company data and forecasts in the framework of a due diligence process, we of course take past data and subject it to an especially critical analysis. But the data only attain sustained value when the knowledge obtained is extrapolated into the future. For this perspectivistic type of “reading”, which represents the true potential of a company, we utilize an extensive palette of tools, with which we can take the interests of our customer into account very well.
      This approach lets us filter out the relevant data and to interpret them in light of the developing market and competitive environment. This relates especially to core competencies and technologies, revenue situation and cost situation. Not only is it possible to identify synergistic potentials here. It is also possible for us to reveal any hidden values that have not yet entered into the sales price – an asset for our customers.
    • Excellent company marketing and generation of growth capital
      These competencies, in turn, give the customer the assurance that its company will be marketed excellently by CONDIS too, due diligence and the business plan will intermesh perfectly, and provisions will be made for different negotiating scenarios. Last but not least, this is because we are very experienced in handling audits of interested investors. These preconditions yield clear advantages when it comes to generating growth capital.

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    • Comprehensive preparations reinforce the negotiating position of
      our customers
      The decisive phase. Now this area is where the intensive preparations, the trusting working relationship with the customer, and CONDIS’ many years of experience pay off. All aspects – such as analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the transaction partner, tax-related, legal and strategic analyses all flow into a disciplined approach that we coordinate closely with our clients.
    • Negotiating skill, visionary strategy and alternative scenarios offer optimal results
      To further reinforce our customer’s position in negotiations, we develop alternative courses of action in advance to enable appropriate strategy adjustments in various negotiating situations.
      This anticipatory approach – together with precisely interwoven presentation and negotiating skills and the experience of our partners – strengthens our customers’ positions substantially. This gives us control of each phase, and this lets us drive negotiations in the interest of our customer – with optimal results.

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    • CONDIS supports customers in asserting their rights
      Once a successful conclusion has been attained, a very crucial initial step has been taken. Now it is important to follow through on our customers’ rights arising from the results of negotiations, and to realize values as quickly and efficiently as possible. Based on our specialized experience, CONDIS can support its customers in obtaining what is due to them.
    • Effective and prompt implementation of value enhancing actions after the purchase
      In the case of an acquisition, it makes sense to immediately perform a precise analysis of ways to increase efficiency, e.g. in purchasing, production and administration. That is where the most potential generally lies. Similarly, potential may exist in sales, the range of products offered and development. However, areas in which sustained, long-term improvements may be expected will require somewhat more time.
    • Protecting value after the sale
      In the case of a sale, a key task is to collect the contractually agreed payment. Now and then complications may occur. This includes cases where the contract documentation is complex and services in return are involved. In such situations we stand by our customers particularly closely, and we intensively assist you in enforcing your rights and safeguarding the results of negotiations.
    • We support our customers in their growth
      We at CONDIS provide further support when what is required is effective utilization of the acquired growth capital. Our activities here range from strategic consultation to controlling and reporting and assumption of controlling functions in operative management and the generation of additional capital.

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